Where I Was From--A New Vintage Clothing Store

khaki felt hat $108.marl mohair cardigan $98. - long tuck front dress $88.
lee denim wool lined jacket $94.
christian dior wool lined trench $278.
christian dior wool lined trench $278.wool cargo pant $138.
double breasted rib dress $98.tie front dress $178.
I just received news of a new online vintage store called Where I Was From (presumably named after the Joan Didion book). Created by Claire Lampert and Darroch Putnam and based in NY, Where I Was From has a different vibe from a lot of vintage stores--the look is rustic and noble with a muted and refined color palette. The styling, as you can see, is breathtakingly beautiful. Oh, and the prices are really reasonable too. Looking forward to following their ventures.


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