Long Tall Sally

It's such good news that wide legged pants are being offered by stores this season -- I think they are so elegant and flattering. If you are short, just as I advised about midi skirts, don't be put off. Just pay attention to proportion, choosing something with less volume, and be prepared to hem. One thing that's great about these pants is that they are great for hiding some platform heeled shoes for that stilt-walker look.

I prefer high-waisted versions. The proportions look all wrong to me otherwise. The point here is to lengthen and make you look like a loooong drink of water.

A good place to start if you are new to this style and a very practical pair of pants for every day. Looking sharp in dark denim with very clean lines. Not SUPER wide but enough to give that flattering line.


From Dear Fieldbinder, this pair gets the proportions just right and even comes with a belt. Made of Tencel which will give them a nice graceful drape. 

Houston, we have a problem. Some stylist at Madewell didn't get the length right for the model on these ones so they are looking a bit silly in my opinion.  Still, with a 31.5" inseam these will likely be just fine for most people (the model was probably on the taller side). Very 30's movie star on Catalina Island. These are in rayon, another great fabric for this style that won't add bulk and will give a nice sense of movement.

What a pretty English floral print from Topshop! These look like something Miss G would wear, with a headscarf and red lipstick, of course.

Ahoy! Here's a pair of wide legged trousers that's taking inspiration from sailor pants. A light cotton/rayon chambray with extra wide legs and flattering angled pockets. Keep your eyes on Koshka -- they are offering such fun styles at friendly prices. 


And now a couple tips for wearing this style:

1. Pay attention to length and figure out if you plan to wear flats or heels before hemming. Take it from me, I've tried to wear heels with trousers that are too short and I looked like a clown. The hem should reach the ground or be just a hair above it. 

2. Tuck your shirt in. Or wear a cropped shirt. Or tie your shirt ends in a knot ala Lucille Ball. Or wear a fitted tunic. Or wear a relaxed shirt that's nipped in at the waist by a belt. Basically you will look like a schlump if we can't see your waist.


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