Liberty for Moms

I love Mother's Day. I love celebrating my own dear Mom and the great Mom's I know, as well as taking some time to appreciate the aspect of mothering in general. And something about the holiday turns me into a super sap, all gushing sentiments and floral explosions, so I thought it would be fun to put together a little Liberty London floral gift guide. I'm mad about Liberty. If you are too, you should check out my Liberty pinterest board which I update throughout the seasons as new Liberty offerings and collaborations crop up.

I think pajamas are a great Mother's day gift, sending the right message of "sheesh, take a load off already". And if you've never worn Liberty tana lawn cotton, I can tell you that it is incomparably soft and silky and just gets better over time. I can't imagine how wonderfully soft these would be after a year or so.

I collect Liberty shirts but my favorite one just recently ripped open across the back after many years of loyal service and I'm eying one of the Ann Mashburn prints as a replacement. I love the color palette on this one (it would be so fun to pair with red lipstick) and the slightly 70's vibe.

Notebooks are always handy for all sorts of things but this one would make such a great garden journal for the gardener Mom.

This mini suitcase would be such a lovely toiletry bag. I love all the details down to the wood paneling.

Another cute pair of Espadrilles I wish had been released before I did my Espadrille Round Up. They are from Brooks Brothers (a company that often carries an exclusive collection of Libery print styles), come in two prints, and have removable laces.

Christelle is one of my favorite prints, especially in this colorway. What a beautiful umbrella it makes!

Wouldn't this paperweight look lovely on a desk next to a mint julep cup filled with daffodils? Like a ray of sunshine.

Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin were fans of the 70's era French Bensimon sneakers. Even new they always have a slightly rumpled look which evokes a casual Summery vibe. Their Liberty line includes a range of prints from the exuberant to the subdued.


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