Designer Interview: Cobra Rock Boot Company

Sometimes I like to look at Marfa real estate listings online and imagine setting out for a new life in a place like thisMarfa is located in the Chihuahuan Desert of South Texas with a population of just 1,981. The film Giant was filmed there and more recently There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men. Despite it's small size, it's a hotbed of creative, independent people doing interesting things. They have a film festival, art galleries, and it's the home of El Cosmico where you can stay in a restored 1950's trailer (or teepee or tent) and catch the Trans-Pecos Gathering of Music + Love or learn some Texas camp cooking.

I recently discovered that Marfa's also the home to the Cobra Rock Boot Company founded by Logan Caldbeck and Colt Miller selling a hand-made boot in a style called the South Highland Boot. The boots are made on vintage lasts and have a Western vibe that's subtle enough to appeal to all sorts of people. Another thing to ad to my Marfa daydreams.

Logan and Colt were kind enough to answer some questions for me...


I understand you use vintage lasts and tools to craft your boots--where did these come from and how do they effect the look and quality of the boots? 

Most of our equipment comes from former boot shops in the Texas Panhandle. Our Landis stole stitcher was built in 1921 and is from near Nocona. Our Singer topstitcher was built in 1939 and found in Big Spring. Vintage cowboy boot lasts with square toes from the 1940's give our boots their unique shape. It's important to us that we make boots with quality materials so that they are both good looking and durable. Our boots are made from full-grain oil-tanned leather and have a leather sole, insole and heel. Unlike factory-made boots, our boots are hand-welted so they can be kept for years and resoled over and over. Like any good pair of handmade cowboy boots, our soles are attached with wooden pegs and have a metal shank inside for arch support.

What's playing in the studio?

Buck Owens, Neko Case, Cory Branan, Broncho and Joe Tex.

How does the culture of Marfa influence your company?

The bar is set high in Marfa: many people who live here are incredibly accomplished in their respective fields. You see what other people are doing and can't help but be inspired and motivated to work hard at your craft.

Other than your own store, where can the boots be purchased? Any mail order options?

Our South Highland boots are currently available through Arrow & Arrow. They will also be in Levi's stores in Malibu, CA, Meatpacking, NY and Plaza, SF this October.

 The Cobra Rock South Highland Boots can be purchased from Arrow+Arrow for $495 and selling out fast.

Photos courtesy of Cobra Rock Boot Company


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The boots are classic. I like the look of them from their shape to the seeming suppleness of the material. It makes you want to touch it. It's cool that they use tools from that period.
Thanks for sharing the pictures and their story.

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