Operation: Get Warm

There's a constant battle raging inside me between the me that only wants to wear classic and timeless materials like Harris tweed and leather brogues and the me that's always freezing.

This is a revelation to me. Can you believe I've never had a fleece anything? Not until today when this beauty of a North Face Jacket arrived. You know how flannel sheets are almost already warm when you crawl into bed because of their fluffy texture? This works like that. The Osito Fleece is sooo amazingly soft and warm to the touch and my favorite thing about it is that the inside has the same fleece too making me want to wear it topless, but that might go contrary to the trying-to-keep-warm mission.

Did you know that angora is 8 times warmer and 598 times softer than wool due to the fiber's hollow core? I could be slightly off on those figures but not by much. I've been buying these Medima angora shirts from Sierra Trading Post for years--lifesavers, I tell you.

Echo Design is this company in NY that I love that makes all sorts of fun accessories. I used to carry their things in my boutique Le Train Bleu. These gloves combine two of their technical innovations--one is their "warmer" fabric with fibers that react with your own body heat to warm and insulate. I know, sounds weird, but magically it really does seem to work. It also has their special Touch Glove fabric on the thumb and index fingertips which allow you to use your smartphone without taking off your gloves.

I'm so happy to discover that Portland-based Sock Dreams is carrying Orkney angora now, which I've been admiring for years online. Let me further sing the praises of angora! Did you know it's said to be helpful for people with arthritis or achy joints? Or people like me with vampire feet that have been drained of all their blood.

Further fueling my Uniqlo obsession since they opened their online store, they have developed their own high tech warming fabric called Heattech. After 10,000 tries (wow, the Japanese really are sticklers for quality) they finally came up with an ultra lightweight fabric which uses moisture from the body and converts it into warmth trapped in air pockets in the fiber. Sounds very high tech indeed. I like this concept of wearing less and being warmer and I've just ordered a camisole and long sleeve t-shirt to try out.

Why didn't anybody tell me about these before?! I've spent the last 38 years with my poor English toes covered in chilblains. These are little stickers that you affix to the bottom of your socks and they provide a gentle heat for hours. I was at an evening football game recently and was having visions of the Shakleton expedition. Then my outdoorsy big brother gave me some of these and all was well.


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