Strawberry Thief

I got all confused the other day, thinking I was spotting a Strawberry Thief thief. Let me explain...

If you've been reading Lovejoy for a while you have probably gathered that I am gaga for Liberty of London--I based my whole Mother's Day shopping guide around their prints and I have a regularly updated Pinterest board just for Liberty print products.

A received an email update the other day from Club Monaco with what I thought was a Liberty print, and not just any Liberty print, but my all time very favorite print called Strawberry Thief. But then some confusion ensued. There was no mention of Liberty or Strawberry Thief in the product description and Liberty Cordoroy printed pants? Can't be! And then I remembered that a rep once showed me swatches of Liberty printed corduroy, though I have never seen it used in a garment. Yes, it's true--while Liberty is most known for their famous cotton Tana Lawn fabric, they also make a jersey, silk, wool, AND, as I finally remembered, corduroy. But then I looked at the prices and they were definitely too low to be made from authentic Liberty (which I must tell you, is well worth the steep price). I called Club Monaco and they confirmed that no, the fabric used was not from Liberty. And then the facts finally dawned on me--Liberty doesn't OWN Strawberry Thief. It's a William Morris designed fabric that they have used for years along with, as I discovered, many other manufacturers including (blessedly) Club Monaco this Fall.

I don't know why they aren't identifying the print as Strawberry Thief, instead referring to it as the "Botanic Garden" print, but nevertheless this is exciting! I'm sure the quality won't be as wonderful as Liberty but this is a great opportunity for me to finally be draped in a full-body tapestry of little blue-winged birds and arts and crafts flowers.


La Fille D'or :

I love this so much, thank you for sharing. I never would have thought there would be something that lovely at club Monaco.

Lovejoy :

Aren't they cool? Club Monaco is really picking up its game lately what with these Strawberry Print styles, the Mayle bags, and have you seen their cashmere selection? Pretty impressive!

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