Ceramic Hair Accessories

I can never understand why there aren't more elegant but edgy hair accessories for us stylish longhairs, so this beautiful collaboration between Mimi Jung of Brook & Lyn and Julie Hung of Jujumade made me very happy. And I'm especially happy to hear that the several pieces for sale now represent just a sneak peek of what will be an even larger collection.


Rebecca Humphreys :

You could produce many things out of ceramic. Hair accessories could even be created out of it.

Ella O'Brien :

I do agree with what Rebecca said, ceramics can serve as an accessory to the hair and body. Accessories made out of ceramics are very stunning and can give you a classy and elegant look.

Gracie Bray :

A ceramic accessory never fails you to give an impression of you being fashionable. That’s the thing I liked about these types of accessories, even a simple dress if paired with ceramic accessories it would totally give you a classy look.

relaxv :

that is totally adorable! great idea! enigmashairstudio.com | Enigmas Hair Studio

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