3 Places To Store Your Wishlists Online

I would be lost without my online lists. I have quite a few going. They're not all for me--some of them are made for personal shopping clients or upcoming styling projects, and are private.  Since I've been using them so much lately I thought it would be a good time to go over these handy tools and tell you about why and how I use them. They're all a little different.

What are your favorite places to store all your favorite covetables online? I know a lot of people like Evernote but I've never really gotten the hang of it...

1. Pinterest

Pretty obvious. It's still a no-brainer because of its clean and elegant design. I have a Wishlist board to collect my favorite styles each season, things I am considering buying. I like to add new styles as they are introduced at the beginning of each season and then have them all in one place later when I am actually considering making a purchase--it helps me to keep a level head and avoid impulse buys. One of my biggest gripes with Pinterest has been that they didn't allow private boards, but back in November they introduced Secret Boards. Unfortunately you are only allowed 3 secret boards per account which isn't nearly enough for me. That's where the next service comes in...


2. Liiist

Liiist (that's three i's by the way) was formerly called Get Vega and is a Pinterest knock-off that I've been using for the past year. All my boards there are private and because I'm the only one viewing them I don't care about "curating" the content so it's all cohesive and looks pretty in the same way I do with Pinterest. My shopping lists might include mundane things such as a hedge trimmer and some drugstore sunscreen.

The service works the same way as Pinterest--you install a little bookmarklet to your browser bar so you can add things from any website. Liiist is also a handy resource for bloggers--if I am preparing a post on Rain Gear or Brothel Creepers I can collect all my sources in one private place as I'm working on it. Most of my posts for Lovejoy and some of my posts for Bell and Star begin with a Liiist List.

3. Amazon

The original wishlist source, I still use Amazon for several lists. They have private lists, registry lists for those getting married or having a baby, and they have a Universal option which lets you install a Fire-fox add-on so you can add things to your list from any site.


In addition to creating general wishlists you can create handy lists for all sorts of things:

1. Party planning--perfect for surprise parties but also handy for other events such as that Moroccan themed dinner party you've been wanting to host.

2. Gift lists--I have running lists that I add to throughout the year which come in handy for birthdays and Christmas. No more racking my brain at the last minute. In addition to boards for specific family members I also have a board where I collect great inexpensive gift ideas that I would be excited to give anyone.

3. Wardrobe inspiration boards--it's helpful to collect images that inspire you as well as styles that you like to help focus your shopping and edit your wardrobe.


Anonymous :

You should try svpply. It's pinterest's hipster cousin.

Lovejoy :

Oh yeah, that's a good one! I like to use svpply more for browsing.

The Moon and Mars :

Yeah I was going to mention Svpply too - Pinterest is KING but the quality of the bookmarks on Svpply is so good!

Lovejoy :

Three cheers for Svpply! I agree, it is a great place for scouting things that are of a higher aesthetic caliber. Have you checked out Luvocracy? Also a good one--I've just been exploring it recently.

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